Interested in collaborating with other TrakSYS™ users?

You will want to join us. We are a network of TrakSYS™ users. Our mission is simple: to educate each other, and to create solutions in the TrakSYS™ manufacturing operations management platform. Group membership is limited to current and prospective TrakSYS™ installations only. To participate and interact with other users, you must have an active TrakSYS™ application. (Certain limited interaction will be allowed for prospective TrakSYS™ users).
Strategy & Organization

Visibility is what management craves. We’ll collaborate on the best ways to provide reports and dashboards to help executive management obtain the visibility they need to steer the business. On the plant floor, we’ll discuss how to create a dedicated interest in operators to add context to the data. We will share feedback, review best practices, and take away details we can use tomorrow.


For those of us with multiple sites, benchmarking is essential. We will talk about how to connect our sites together, and the kind of reports available to see a snapshot of performance across multiple locations at one time.


High-quality products are essential to our plants, and the long-term success of our companies’ brands. The quality discussions we will have center on workflows, and analyzing critical process control points in real-time, as well as historically. We’ll discuss how to manage tasks, pull in SOPs, and create 21 CFR part 11 compliance in our processes using electronic signature + badge scanning.


Improved production planning is a goal for all us. Together, we’ll look at how we can tie together scheduling, productivity, and profitability. As we collaborate, we’ll talk about how we can manage production performance (OEE), and tie in TrakSYS to third party business systems (ERP, WMS, LIMS, etc.) to visualize asset availability, schedule work orders, track consumption and scrap.



We all deserve to know what we have, where it is, and when we need more. Inventory discussions will focus on two-way traceability, tracking suppliers, lots, and the details we need to get the right product out at the right time. We will review how to integrate with barcoding and RFID to provide real-time visibility for inventory and how to manage warehouse levels using lead-time statistics.


Predictive maintenance is an ideal scenario that many of us wish to achieve. Together, we will discuss how to connect into production and our current work orders to flag leading indicators for maintaining equipment. We will review our response times, and look into how to best consider our spare parts to create a more thorough maintenance management application.



Share ideas, Ask questions &

troubleshoot with us.

We discuss our TrakSYS business applications and best practices as a group.